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How much does the AeroPress Original weigh?

The weight of the AeroPress Original coffee maker (including the chamber and plunger, the filter cap, the scoop, and the stirrer) is 7.75 ounces. When camping, backpacking or traveling light, the parts of the AeroPress Original coffee maker you would

How do I separate the chamber and plunger?

Holding the AeroPress Original coffee maker or AeroPress Go travel coffee maker with the seal facing you, brace your fingers around the chamber flange and push both of your thumbs against the seal. This will push the plunger up through the chamber ma

The filter cap is stuck tight onto the chamber. How do I remove it?

This is like removing a screw top lid stuck on a jar. You can try lubricating the AeroPress filter cap with a little water or cooking oil to make it easier to turn. Or, you can buy a sheet of rubber like material that is intended to help you grip the

What is the warranty on AeroPress coffee makers?

AeroPress brand products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. If you think you purchased a defective AeroPress product that is under warranty, please contact us

Where are AeroPress coffee makers made?

AeroPress coffee makers are manufactured in the USA.

Can you take AeroPress camping?

Yes, you can take AeroPress coffee makers camping! While either the AeroPress Original coffee maker or the AeroPress Go travel coffee maker can be taken camping, the AeroPress Go is perfect for a camping trip. We optimized the AeroPress Go’s design t

Why are there scratches on my AeroPress chamber?

Ordinary surface scratching in AeroPress coffee makers is normal and is caused by coffee particles getting caught between the rubber seal and the chamber wall during pressing.  The scratches are normal and do not harm the seal or inhibit the pressing

My AeroPress Original chamber has developed crazing. What happened?

Over time, the material we used prior to July 2014 in the manufacture of the AeroPress Original chamber occasionally developed crazing and stress cracking.  This is primarily a cosmetic defect and should not affect the performance of the product.  Th

How much caffeine is in AeroPress brewed coffee?

Shawn Steiman of Coffea Consulting measured the caffeine content of coffee brewed in an AeroPress, Clover, drip paper, drip gold, French press, and espresso.  He reported his results at the 2008 SCAA convention. He measured caffeine = 0.64mg/ml for a

I peeled off the sticker from the AeroPress chamber and it left some sticky residue. How do I remove it?

Take a piece of paper towel and soak it with a little canola or olive oil. Lay the oil-soaked paper towel flat over the residue, pressing to adhere, and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, remove the oily paper towel and wipe away any remaining oil with a