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How much caffeine is in AeroPress brewed coffee?Updated 2 years ago

Shawn Steiman of Coffea Consulting measured the caffeine content of coffee brewed in an AeroPress, Clover, drip paper, drip gold, French press, and espresso.  He reported his results at the 2008 SCAA convention.  

He measured caffeine = 0.64mg/ml for a 6 ounce AeroPress brewed Americano, brewed per the instructions provided with the AeroPress.  The other four methods for brewing a 6 ounce cup of American style coffee were all very similar at 0.6 mg/ml.   The 1 ounce shot of espresso contained 4.0 mg/ml which if diluted up to 6 ounces would have 0.67 mg/ml, only slightly more than the other brewing methods.

You can read more about caffeine content and coffee strength in our blog.

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