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What is the purpose of the funnel?

Use the funnel to transfer the ground coffee from your coffee grinder bin to the AeroPress Original or AeroPress Go chamber. It was not an intended use but users have told us that the funnel fits on the bottom of the chamber and enables you to press

What are the maximum and minimum mug diameters the AeroPress Original fits?

The biggest mug you can press into with the AeroPress Original coffee maker has a top inner diameter of 3.75 inches (95mm). The smallest mug you can press into with the AeroPress Original has a top inner diameter of 2.75 inches (70mm).

What are the dimensions of the AeroPress Original?

Plunger with Seal: 5.26" tall, 3.28" diameter. Chamber: 4.75" tall, 4.22" diameter (at widest part of the hexagon). Compressed Plunger + Chamber: 5.26" tall (height of the Plunger), 4.22" diameter (diameter of Chamber)

Do the AeroPress Original and the AeroPress Go fit on the same size mugs, or does one fit on a larger size mug than the other?

The AeroPress Original coffee maker and the AeroPress Go travel coffee maker have the same cylinder diameter, but the flange that supports the chamber on your cup is smaller on the AeroPress Go. The AeroPress Go can sit on a cup with a maximum inside

The printing on my chamber is wearing off. What happened?

We manufacture AeroPress Original chambers and AeroPress Go chambers out of polypropylene because it is highly durable.  Unfortunately it is also very difficult to adhere to.  We are sorry the printing on your chamber is coming off.  A small number o

What is that hissing sound when I press?

When you press on an AeroPress Original coffee maker or an AeroPress Go travel coffee maker, the plunger pushes on a layer of air that pushes the hot coffee through the coffee grounds and into your cup.  The hiss occurs when all the hot coffee has be

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