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Learn more about the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

I can't screw the filter cap onto the AeroPress Go chamber. What's wrong?

Some of the early AeroPress Go chambers have a problem. The filter cap will not engage when you screw it onto the chamber. Please see these photos, one with the filter cap not engaged and one with the filter cap engaged. If you have this problem with

How much coffee can the AeroPress Go make in one press?

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker can brew with one pressing:. – Up to three servings of espresso style concentrate.  You can enjoy a serving as espresso or add water or milk to create an 8 oz. coffee or latte.  The preceding can be done with hot

How much does the AeroPress Go weigh?

When fully packed up in the mug with the lid on top, the AeroPress Go chamber and plunger, the accessories, and the 20 paper filters that fit into the travel filter holder weigh 11.4 oz. (323 g) altogether.

How many micro-filters fit into the AeroPress travel filter holder?

Up to 20 AeroPress paper micro-filters fit in the AeroPress travel filter holder. The AeroPress travel filter holder can also hold the AeroPress stainless steel reusable filter.

What materials go into making the AeroPress Go?

All AeroPress Go parts except for the lid, plunger seal, and AeroPress paper micro-filters are made of food-safe polypropylene that is free of BPA and phthalates. The lid and plunger seal are both made of silicone and the micro-filters are made of pa

How much liquid does the AeroPress Go mug hold?

The AeroPress Go mug holds 15 oz. (444 ml) or almost two 8 oz. (237 ml) servings of American style coffee or cold brew coffee.

Is the AeroPress Go mug microwaveable?

Yes, the AeroPress Go mug is microwaveable.

How many AeroPress micro-filters come with the AeroPress Go?

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker comes with 100 AeroPress paper micro-filters.

Where is the AeroPress Go manufactured?

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is manufactured in the United States.

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: What’s the difference?

The AeroPress Original (which some just call “the AeroPress”) and the AeroPress Go both work in a similar way, but have some big differences. Most importantly, the AeroPress Go is optimized for work, travel and the outdoors because it’s designed for

Are the AeroPress Go mug and lid dishwasher safe?

You can clean the AeroPress Go mug, and solid-color Go lids, in the top rack of your dishwasher. (Patterned Go lids should be hand-washed.)