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AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

Is the AeroPress Clear dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is (top rack and bottom rack safe).

Is it BPA-free?

Yes, it is BPA-free.

What accessories does it come with?

It comes with a scoop, a stirrer, and paper filters.

How much coffee does the AeroPress Clear make?

It can make one standard sized 10 oz serving of American coffee or cold brew, or up to three shots of espresso style coffee, with one press.

What kind of coffee does it make?

It can make American style coffee, cold brew style coffee, or espresso style coffee (which can also be used in drinks like lattes and cappuccinos).

Does it make cold brew?

Yes, it makes cold brew.

What is the difference between the AeroPress Clear and the AeroPress Original?

The AeroPress Clear uses the same breakthrough technology as the AeroPress Original. As the only coffee maker that combines the best of three brew techniques into one simple to use press, you get uniquely delicious, grit free flavor. Create American,

I heard you can make all kinds of coffee with AeroPress. What’s the easiest way to start?

You can make thousands of recipes with an AeroPress Clear, but here’s an easy place to start! Put in 1 heaping scoop of medium-fine grind coffee, fill the chamber to the (4) with boiling water (or 185 degrees if you have a kettle), stir for 10 second