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AeroPress for Two: Can you make multiple servings with an AeroPress coffee maker?Updated a year ago

Yes, you can make up to three 8 oz. cups of American style coffee at a time with an AeroPress Original, AeroPress Clear, or AeroPress Go by brewing "espresso style". Start by putting three rounded scoops of fine drip grind coffee in the AeroPress chamber, shake to level the bed of grounds, then fill up to the (3) on the chamber with hot water and stir for 10 seconds. Insert the plunger and press gently. You've now brewed three espresso-style concentrated "shots". Then, divide the "shots" into three different mugs and add hot water to bring the total serving to 8 oz. (237 ml) each. Enjoy!

Or, pick up an AeroPress XL coffee maker and make double the servings above with just one press!

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